Sleeper Camry

Sleeper Camry -
Sleeper Camry -

Another day, another Toyota. This big Japanese manufacturer has a lot of stuff upon its sleeves that, sadly, we didn’t get. But don’t worry! Toyota still shares most of its “homely” creations, or a different version of them, to be enjoyed on the infamous Indonesian roads. One of them is the Camry; the choice of transportation for statesmen, wealthy individuals, and Toyota’s aged loyalists. It is a symbol of simplistic wealth or a family gem that will last for generations, because it’s a Toyota and Toyotas will run forever. I would love to own a Camry, actually.

In the United States, however, Toyota was selling a different kind of Camry up until 2017. While Indonesians could enjoy the “Prestigious” Asian-market Camry, Americans got the regular ones. But not that their kind of regular is half as interesting, oh no-no! Toyota offers a fleet of trim levels starting from the base L to the range topping XSE V6. Not only that, Toyota also prepared its hybrid versions for those discerning American customers who paid more attention to their gas mileage.

This isn’t an ordinary Camry.

What about this one? From the outside, it looks like a 2015 Camry. It has the front bumper of a facelifted Camry XSE, four doors with tinted windows that open, and the rear side of a Camry. However, you can’t open the hood. Instead, the whole Camry-esque appearance is the clamshell to its true self: a tube-frame drag racer with an engine, a cockpit, a fuel tank, some bottles, and nothing else. Don’t expect much with regards to interior quality either, because this car only comes with a cockpit that has a seat, a steering wheel, a gear lever, a race dash, and some switches.

This extraordinary… “sleeper” Camry XSE has a 5.7 liter V8 borrowed from a Tundra truck, and although it can pump out a healthy 381 horsepower, it’s obviously not enough. To squeeze out more and more horses, Toyota re-engineered the engine with new forged pistons and connecting rods, a big TRD Supercharger, a wet nitrous system, and some more go-fast bits so that it can crank out 850 horsepower. Even with the transmission and the rear axle from the Tundra, the “sleeper” Camry can reach 402 meters in 9.8 seconds!

Toyota unveiled this unholy sleeper one-off at the SEMA show in Las Vegas four years ago. Of course this Camry is not for the general public, but it trumps the lot. The only car that beats it, I think, is Aasbo’s drift Corolla iM from yesterday’s topic. So it is official that this Camry is my second favourite Toyota one-off. Do you need a 10 second car? Here it is!

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Written by Rayhan Haikal (@txtdarierha)

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